The blog of Buffalo, NY based freelance lifestyle photographer Mike Hutch.

"I used to be a paralegal with an office with the best view of the ocean, but you know I used to have a wife too. Look at me now."

Watching my friend’s play GTA V and I didn’t know there was a camera in-game. I’m gonna take over and see what I can do, pictures to follow! 

…I should really start posting more here. I’m planning a “required reading” series which will just be a bi-weekly collection of my favorite stuff on the internet. I’ll be doing some photo tips and tricks starting with “my favorite photo apps”. As well as some of the shoots that I’ve been planning. 

So my friends, all 576 of you, what would you like to see? 

Got bored at work today and loved the light coming from the window.

I can’t wait till the weather is warmer and I start shooting with more people and not just my rugrats at work :). 

Whenever I see screenshots of Steve Ott’s twitter I always feel my heart warm up a little bit. That’s my picture he uses for his avi. 

No, I’m never going to be over it. 

A quick preview shot from last night’s Deck The Halls for Main Street Runway! 

#17 of the Buffalo Bandits at their scrimmage against the Philadelphia Wings.